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What we stand for

  • Development and marketing of software systems, which are independent of the manufacturer, for the entire cutting machine market
  • Supply of programs and software modules which are technologically sophisticated and easy to use
  • Development and optimisation of post-processors in close cooperation with machine manufacturers
  • Open systems for the universal integration in operating software environments
  • Supply of user-oriented expansion stages
  • Integration of user requirements in future program versions (and for example the conduct of user seminars and workshops)
  • Comprehensive consultancy and support in the interests of optimum operating sequences for the user

Accuracy can always be increased.

Our guiding theme is precision.

CAM CONCEPT concentrates on implementing the best possible results in cutting technology. For around 25 years we have been doing nothing else but developing and optimising programming software for the cutting of materials of all types. Today our systems are used worldwide, in companies of widely differing sizes in the widest range of sectors, for the production of cut parts. Our products meet the technological demands of modern material processing as well as the requirements of smooth and trouble-free production processes.

CAM CONCEPT works closely at all levels of development and application with manufacturers and users of cutting machines. It is only through the knowledge of all the details of technology and practice that harmonisation of the software with every type of machine can be achieved, so that all functions of  the equipment can be used to their optimum. Our systematic and practice-based knowledge is documented in the ease of use, flexibility and variety of our software products. 

In order to achieve this, we do not only supply you with the right software but we also ensure that its unrestricted efficiency is guaranteed. We are always there for you at our locations in the centre of the Rhine-Main area and in Weimar. Qualified advice, individual support and comprehensive service are permanent and key elements of our range of services.

Symbol for a mighty piece of software:

Frankfurt's  ?Hammering Man?

An emblem of the city of Frankfurt am Main is the "Hammering Man" by the American artist Jonathan Borofsky. The approximately 22 metre high statue, made of steel plates and aluminium, symbolizes the working man and it also stands for the unstoppable progress of time.
This work of art was cut by the Austrian steel company Wagner using FINEST CUT, and it denotes in many respects the achievement and performance of CAM CONCEPT's software.

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