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For FINEST 6.xx the current drivers for HASP software protection and for HARDLOCK software protection keys (except HARDLOCK Server) can be downloaded direct from the website of the supplier SafeNet. At the moment (23.01.2013) you need the following drivers :

  • For Windows 7 and earlier you can download "SentinelHASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer". The driver is installed by executing program " HASPUserSetup".
  • For Windows 8 you have to download "SentinelHASP/LDK Command Line Run-time Installer". The program "haspdinst" is a command line program. For installing the driver you have to execute haspdinst with parameter "-i". 

Drivers for HASP and HARDLOCK software protection keys

The hard copy (CD-ROM) for FINEST 6.39 contains information about the installation and the drivers for the protection of the software.
This information can be downloaded here as a ZIP file: (ca. 1.5 MB)

Here you can download  runtime module vcredist_x86. After downloading you have to run this program once by explorer.
runtime module for FINEST 

Service file for FINEST 6.38 (Release 11E06 (19.10.2011)) (ca. 24 MB)

Further information on installation can be obtained from the information file:
Installation_service_file.pdf (13 KB)

Driver for WINTAB (0.2 MB)
You only require this driver if you are copying FINEST 6.0 or FINEST 6.1 onto a computer with Windows 2000 or XP. The driver is then to be copied into the  FINEST directory.
Treiber WINTAB (0.2 MB)

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