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Expansion Stages

FINEST CUT Expansion Stages

As diverse as the requirements of the programming

With many programming systems, the user is compelled to purchase some functions which he can not use. This is why FINEST CUT is offered in different expansion stages so that it can meet the particular requirement in a targeted way.

You can download detailed information here:
FINEST CUT Comparison Expansion Stages


The cost-effective entry-level version fulfils all the basic requirements of an efficient programming system with its CAD/CAM module, its functions for automatic nesting and component management, and with its post-processor.


The high-performance, higher-specification version has an additional automatic facility for allocating flags and cutting parameters, as well as offering micro partitions, DXF output and marking and punching functions. Increased user-convenience is also assured with the automatic container nesting, the manual chain cut, the rapid traverse function and the support of several cutting heads.

FINEST CUT Professional

The system for the demanding professional: in addition to the performance features of the Standard version, this program version opens up the possibility of convenient management functions with its order library and remnant offcut library. Special additional functions for mass production, or for users with a wide spectrum of parts, are also integrated, such as economy-cut systems, bridges, joints or tool advancing.

FINEST CUT Professional Plus

This expansion stage of FINEST CUT Professional simplifies and accelerates programming through its additional incorporation of automatic contour nesting  FINEST AutoNest.

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